◆ Bonus/Gifts
01.Performance bonus
02.Quarterly recognition reward
03.Employee referral bonus 
04.Festival present/coupon
05.Birthday gifts


◆ Insurance Coverage 
01.Labor Insurance 
02.Retirement Pension Plan 
03.National Health Insurance
04.Group Insurance for employee and spouse/child(ren)
05.Overseas Business Travel Insurance


◆ Training/Allowance
01.On the Job Training
02. Travel daily / meal allowance


◆ Vacation & Paid Time Off
01.Annual leave
02.Family Leave 
03.Male Paternity Leave
04.Menstrual Leave
05.Leave of Prenatal Checkups
06.Leave of absence


◆ Travel, Entertaining and Facilities
01.Domestic/Overseas Travel 
02.Club Events
03.Company Café
04.Family Day
05.Annual Dinner
06.Christmas Party
07.Movie Day
08.Free coffee, sparkling water, tea bag


◆ Others
01.Health Check-up 
02.Wedding Subsidy and Sympathy gift
03.Maternity Subsidy 
04.Free Meal
05.Nursing Room, plant nurse and doctor 
06.Children Scholarship Program
07.Free Parking Lots
08.Free shuttle bus
09.Hospitalized medical care
10.Flexible working hours (for some job positions)
11.Birthday gifts