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Continuing working with local university to develop
intern employee hiring strategy.

October, 2020

Award from the MOEA for “International Trade and
Outstanding Export/Import Business of 2019”

September, 2020





Expansion of clean room, warehouse and the office

May, 2020




Year End Party, the most wonderful and magical night
of the year!

January, 2020



Christmas Party.

December, 2019



Family Day.

May, 2019


Carnegie Motivational Leadership Training.

April, 2019



Proud to have been a speaker at Yuan Ze University to 
share the mission, vision, and core values of Talus.   
Can’t wait to see where their post-grad lives take

March, 2019


Work hard, play hard. It’s Movie Day.

August, 2018


First New Build C3 Speed by Talus.

August, 2018




We are the champion! Year End Party!

February, 2018


Annual Banquet

January, 2017

Annual Banquet

January, 2017