nJob Description:
àLead and supervise EHS team and develop/implement EH&S policies, programs and practices. (領導並管理EHS團隊, 同時發展並執行安全衛生政策、程序)
àEnhance the company safety culture and employees‘ safety awareness. (提升公司安全文化與員工安全意識)
àPlan company‘s environment sustainable development including carbon footprint, water footprint, green house gas inventory. (規劃公司環境永續發展,包含碳足跡、水足跡、溫室氣體盤查)
àGuide EHS team to investigate and monitor security incidents, accidents, injuries, and complaints concerning hazards or uncomfortable conditions in the work place and provide corrective action plan.
(帶領EHS團隊調查和督導各級工作場所之安全事故, 安全衛生, 職業災害, 投訴並落實改善計劃)
àIdentify working hazard and propose improvement plan. (鑑別工作危害並提出改善計畫)
àManage Contractors/Vendors to comply with laws and regulations. (承攬商協議組織的運作與管理)
àDevelop and implement Occupational Safety & Health, Environment management system according to ISO standards. (依據國際標準建立及實行環境、安全與衛生管理系統)
àManage all necessary safety related compliance documents and monitor actions taken. (管理各式安全相關文件並監控更正措施)
àDevelop and maintain annual EHS related budgets. (年度EHS預算的制訂及維護)
àMonitor safety training results, analyze safety training needs and conduct safety training internally. (觀察安全相關培訓的效果, 分析安全相關培訓的需求及在職人員安全衛生教育訓練執行)
àCommunicate and influence other parties internally in a diverse environment. (在多元的工作環境中與其它部門進行溝通並發揮影響力)
àProject management. (專案管理)
àBachelor degree or equivalent diploma in related field, occupational safety or health is a plus. (相關領域的大學學位或同等學歷,職業安全衛生尤佳)
àLevel A technician for Occupational Safety or Health management license is required. (Certified Safety or Hygiene engineer is a plus.) (需甲級職業安全或衛生技術士證照) (高等考試安全或衛生技師尤佳)
àAt least 10-year EHS experience in Class I or High risk industry. (需有十年以上第一類高風險事業職安管理經驗)
àExperience/Familiarity with implementing or auditing ISO14001 and 45001. (Certified Lead Auditor of ISO 45001 or ISO 14001 is a plus)(熟悉並有維護ISO 1400145001系統之經驗) (ISO4500114001主導稽核員尤佳)
àExperience with promoting Process Safety Assessment and Process Safety Management skill. (Process Safety Evaluation Personnel license is a plus.) (推動製程安全評估與製程安全管理經驗,製程安全評估人員證照尤佳)
àFire prevention manager is required. Experience with Emergency Response is a plus. (防火管理人證照, 有緊急應變經驗者尤佳)
àStrong knowledge for safety law and ability to response competent authority. (安全衛生法律的充足知識與應對主管機關的能力)
àEnglish – Above average. (英文中等以上)
àMicrosoft skill. (具備基本微軟運用能力)