Job Description

◆ Manage employees and build teams, motivating and disciplining staff.
◆ Supervising warehouse environment, ensure safety of staff.
◆ Facilitates meetings with cross functional team members to resolve risk factors that may compromise a customer delivery schedule.
◆ Manages department related reports (performance, productivity) internally and externally.
◆ Handle and execute shipping operations. Supervise daily activities of the warehouse, including quality assurance, inventory control, space management, logistics, floor productivity..etc.
◆ Develops and trains warehouse employees.




◆ Bachelor’s degree in Logistics or business operations related discipline.
◆ More than 8 years related experience.
◆ High level proficiency in MS Excel, Power Point, and SAP.
◆ Able to manage employees and build teams.
◆ Direct experience leading and coordinate cross functional teams.
◆ Ability to demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills.
◆ Master Scheduling, Production Control Planning and Sales Operations experience is a plus.
◆ Fluent in written and verbal English language.
◆ Organizational and communication skills are essential for this position.
◆ Self-motivated, self-disciplined and works well in a dynamic environment.
◆ Could support the 3rd shifts running (08:00~17:15, 16:00 ~ 01:15, 00:00~09:15 )
◆ Please provide your English Resume and Autobiography